Center Point Public Library

8871 WV Route 23 - Salem, WV 26426 - Phone & Fax: 304-782-2461

About Center Point Outpost Library

Library Staff

  • Christy Nicholson, Librarian
  • LeEllen Sandy, Substitute Librarian

Board Members

  • Richard McMillian, President
  • Dottie Pigott, Secretary/Tresurer
  • Larry Higgins
  • Tina Towner
  • Roger Williams

Library History

The Center Point Outpost Library has been serving the citizens of Doddridge County since 1978. It was suggested to the Doddridge County Commission that they apply to the West Virginia Library Commission for an Outpost Library to be located at Center Point, West Virginia.

Petitions were circulated to determine library interest in this area of Doddridge County. The petitions and a request for an Outpost Library were mailed to the West Virginia Library Commission on April 1, 1978. On April 20, the Doddridge County Public Library received a letter from the director of the West Virginia Library Commission stating that the request had been granted. The foundation for the Outpost Library was completed and the 12 x 40 library was set in place. On October 21, 1978 the Center Point Outpost Library was dedicated and began serving the people of Doddridge County.

As time passed, the library was faced with the need for more space. With the addition of computers, new books, and children's programs the available space was becoming inadequate. After much discussion about whether to add on to the present library building or build a new building, the Doddridge County Library Board decided on a new 28 x 48 library. With monies received from the State Budget Digest, the Library Board approached the United Tech Center at Gore, West Virginia about constructing the new library building. The Tech Center agreed and the construction of a new building was started. In late summer of 2006, the library building was moved from the Tech Center and placed on the new foundation at Center Point. The finishing touches were completed and in January of 2007 the move to the new library building was complete and open to the public.